Gimme All Your Lovin

The group originally met each other in Houston, Texas and that was in the year 1969, so they have definitely been around for a really long time. Of course they were still pretty young back in the late sixties so they were just starting to play as a group together, and back then is when they decided that they should all grow their beards out and start being this goofy group with super long beards and kind of make it their thing. Well, as you can imagine the beards definitely paid off in the long run, and although they may have gotten made fun of at first when their beards were all scruffy they got past that stage and really started jamming out with some of the longest beards of any guitarists on tour.

Sometimes I wonder how hard it must be to play guitar with such a long beard like that. It’s got to be pretty difficult just because your long ass beard might get in the way of your fingers or strings as you’re playing your instrument in front of a live audience. But for ZZ Top this is all just a part of the show and the business, and they have been seriously good at business since their founding and have garnered up a huge following in which everyone is all about them and freaks out just like a good southern crowd should when a good band comes to town ready to put on a show like ZZ Top.

With big hits like Sharp Dressed Man and Gimme All Your Lovin you know this band has a really unique, southern rock sound that is just exactly what you would expect from a really cool band that likes to rock out and has some great southern roots that makes them recall have some unique songs and great lyrics.

I love ZZ Top, just like pretty much everyone else in the United States who grew up with classic rock and got to see ZZ Top turn into worldwide sensations, and when it really comes down to it you have to give it up to them because of those beards because that is kind of what made them so famous, and if you can be a famous rock star and be known for a beard like that then you should definitely get a bunch of money, which is exactly what happened to the rich and famous band ZZ Top.

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The Classic Rock Sound

So everyone knows about all the really cool southern bands that have come into the music industry over the past many years, and throughout classic rock history there are a ton of different bands that really made their label on the entire genre and started to do things a little bit differently than a lot of other mainstream rock and roll bands. Maybe it’s because they were born and raised in the south, a place where the rules are just a little bit different than anywhere else, and there is some sense of fun and party in every southern rock band, or maybe the south made them more spiritual and they are a little bit closer to God than Lucifer as opposed to many other heavy metal and hard rock bands who are blatantly satanic. There are a number of reasons as to how exactly southern rock bands have become a little bit different and unique over the years, but that really goes for all bands no matter where they are from, and when it comes to a band like ZZ Top that comes from Houston, Texas, you know already one of the main thing that sets them apart. That’s right, you guessed it, it’s the beards, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s definitely the suits.

ZZ Top is one of those classic rock sounds that everyone remembers and thinks back to when they think about the rock and roll era of the 1980s when everyone liked their music really loud and obnoxious and party hard and rock out on cocaine and just live it up because the 80s were kind of fun in their own weird way.

The main guys that are in ZZ Top are named Dusty Hill, Frank Beard and Billy Gibbons and they together are the main core of the band and they have been a group for over 40 years now and they’ve never stopped rocking out as hard as they possibly can, because when you’re in a band like ZZ Top it’s important to go hard, play hard and party even harder, so let’s be honest and say that ZZ Top is one of those bands that definitely rocks out super hard and doesn’t give a fuck if you like them or not because they are never going to chop those beards off and they are always going to stay true to who they are what they sound like just like any other successful musician group would be like.

Yes, ZZ Top has made it all the way to the top of rock and roll’s stardom list and they were even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not that long ago in they year 2004, and for a long time they have been making a ton of money through their seven platinum records that have gone all around the world and some really good accolades that can be summed up into one word: mustache. But in all honesty ZZ Top definitely has a rich history of success in the music industry, and if you’re the type of person who just so happens to be a huge fan of ZZ Top and you’d like to know more about the bands history then you have come to the right article because this article is solely about the history of the ZZ Top band and what makes them so special and such an awesome group that all of America and the entire world has fallen in love with in a weird, cool uncle type of way.



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Dusty and Bill’s Beards

He also said that Dusty and Bill had always had some form of a beard, in the beginning they both had short scruffy beards, which they eventually extended the growth of. However, Frank Beard only sported around a mustache on his face, and he kept his bearded area completely shaven off and smooth. They claim that they will never change their beards, that this is who they are and this is how they will remain. No money or bribing will make them decide anything different.
In present day times, ZZ Top has now announced that they will be doing another tour in this year of 2016. Billy, Frank, and Dusty have announced that their will be a release of the tour dates for the 2016 North American tour, and it is, however, being billed as The Hell Raisers Tour. The appointed time that is being planned for them to start this anticipated tour, is for it to kick off by March 18 in the state of Oklahoma, and then extend into the early summer month of May. More tour date announcements will be known, once it gets closer to the time of the tour. During this amazing upcoming tour for ZZ Top, they are going to be stopping in Florida for the Welcome To Rockville Music Festival.
It is amazing how a band that started so many years ago, could still be so popular today with the genre of music styles changing and expanding. ZZ Top has shown what a true loyal band and true talented musicians at heart are really all about. They began a small trial for themselves in the beginning and ended up having a strong bond together through their blues/rock music, and then as a team they progressed and grew in the pop culture of the world, and people in today’s society, still anticipate their shows and performances. They have acquired so many awards and achievements for their hard work towards success and growth of their band and growth of themselves individually. As they hold several charts and many album sales, they are considered one of the top most rated and best bands of all time.

They will continue on with their music and their progress as the years come. They are a determined and strong willed band and that also shines throughout their sound of music and the words and lyrics they add to it. As their music writer, Cub Koda, once said that the three of these men, Dusty, Frank, and Billy, even though they have tons of success, unlimited amounts of song and music that they are remembered for, and the many people who adore them, this band does not have very many musical or just original peers or friends. They stick together as a band because they see each other as family. They fly together and I know whenever they come into LA they even take the same car service lax.  This is an inspiration to many people in the world today, and their success, music, progress, family feel, and that southern attitude they harbor, will be remembered throughout all times and history. They have definitely made a unique and everlasting spot in the musical industry for the past, present, and coming future.


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Finally Discovered!

Then came the 1980’s, and this was when MTV finally discovered ZZ Top. This bluesy/rock-and-roll feel they brought to their music, captured the attention and the appeal of fans of rock, disco, boogie, blues, and New Wave. Then their album, “Eliminator, became one of the very most popular and best albums of the entire decade. They ended up selling over 10 million copies of this album. It featured their classic and famous songs “Gimme All Your Lovin'” , “Legs”, and “Sharp Dressed Man”. These 3 famous songs then ended up being radio hits, video hits, and bar and club hits, of course. ZZ Top’s biggest single of their career was the model laid out video of “Legs”.
However, from the release of their album in 1983, Eliminator, and then 10 years later “Greatest Hits” ended up dropping off of the chart, the ZZ Top band was known as international superstars. In 1988, ZZ Top started raising money for a museum in Mississippi, as they shined through that their love for the blues went way beyond just their music, that it shined out through the soul of the band itself. They decided to make a move in July of 1992, from Warner Bros. to RCA, and since the transition, they have created 4 more albums.
There have been many people who wonder why exactly ZZ Top’s band member have such long beard. What is the story behind their super full and super long beards. Since the late 70’s, guitarists Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons have been wearing their signature look of the beards, while their drummer, who’s name is ironically Frank Bear, keeps his face clean and shaven. In more recent years, Hill and Billy were both offered $1 million dollars if they would just cut and shave off their beards, however, both of these men declined the offer and kept their beards growing long and full. They were also offered to participate in an ad campaign for the shavermanufacturer of Gillette in 1984, but still they declined that offer as well, seeing that it was obviously apparent that they would have to shave to participate in the campaign. When they were being interviewed, both of these men told the individual who was interviewing them that they did not, however, regret their decision to decline, and to this day would still turn it down if they were offered.

Even though that ZZ Top formed in 1969, Billy and Dusted did not even start the beard until about 10 years later, and they did so with extreme confidence in themselves and they wouldn’t change for money or anyone in the world. This was their signature look, they determined, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything. They all went on vacation at one point and when they had returned and joined back up, they had both realized that neither one of them did anything to their beards, and that they had let them grow even longer. Tom Vickers, who was a music journalist at that time, had written that their manager had called a meeting and when all 3 of the band members arrived at the meeting place, they both had realized that they both had let their beards grow out during their time apart on their vacations.

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London Records

Then ZZ Top signed to London Records, which excited them in a great way and they considered it a bonus since John Mayall and the Rolling Stones’ home were with the London Records. Then this group found themselves with a chart hit “Francene” when they created their first albums ZZ Top’s First Album in 1970 and Rio Grande Mud in 1972. Then they decided to record in Memphis so that they would be able to solidify their sound of their album Tres Hombres 1973.
Instead of a ton of commercialized publicity, the band decided to build their fan base and publicity on a word-of-mouth basis. They decided to do this by touring and heading out onto the road to perform for different cities and town, this way the word-of-mouth would spread, and it did spread like wild fire across the country, this band was known throughout the entire world for their uniqueness, talent, and creativity. There next albums down the road from this was their album Fandango in 1975 and Tejas 1977, and from these albums the song “Tush”, one of their most all time favorite and most popular song they created, was introduced and was an immediate top of the list for their songs. Because of their popularity and fame that was taking off, they decided to have a giant touring for Texas. This tour was called Worldwide Texas Tour: Bringing Texas To The People.

During this tour, ZZ Top lugged around 75 pounds of equipment and they also brought with them animals that were native to the Texas state. These animals included buzzards, rattlesnakes, a long-horned steer, and a buffalo. To make their huge touring an even bigger excitement, they decide to perform and play their music on a huge Texas-shaped stage. It was considered the biggest extravaganza for the mid-seventies. Even after this huge extravaganza finished, and the band was extremely exhausted, they took their music and performing to a extended hiatus. Just 3 years after this all went down they created newer albums such as Deguello in 1979, and they had this album packed to the brim with their classic songs such as “Fool For Your Stockings”, “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”, and “Cheap Sunglasses”, and they made this album with a new and different label on it, “Warner Bros.”

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ZZ Top Texas Boogie

There is nobody else in the world that plays red-hot Texas boogie and blues better than ZZ Top. There is also nobody else who has done it longer than this “little ol’ band from Texas.” They are the masters and feel for rootsy forms. The bassist of this band is Dusty Hill, the guitarist is Billy Gibbons, and the drummer is Frank Beard. These three band members were influenced by a variety of blues masters such as Lightnin’ Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Freddie King, and John Lee Hooker.

They took a hard rocking approach to the blues, and they did so right from the very beginning. In the seventies and eighties, they cultivated a new audience for it with style, superior musicianship, a strong attitude, and some very devilishly yet funny songs. This American rock band was established in the year of 1969 in the town of Houston, Texas. This amazing band has held the main line up and they have done so for as long as 40 years. ZZ Top has been recognized, praised, and encouraged to do more by fellow musicians and critics for their technical mastery.

Their debut album was officially released in January of 1971. However, throughout the years ZZ Top’s musical style has changed quite a bit in the years that have passed. There earlier album’s started as blues-inspired rock, and then with the very heavy use of synthesizers, they started adding in different styles of music as the time’s changed and these styles included punk rock, dance-rock, and new wave. As of the year 2014, the band’s global album sales hit an excess of $50 million. In 2004, this talented band was finally inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, has gained7 platinum records, and also gained11 golden records. Their number one album that remains their most commercially successful album was the 1983 Eliminator album, and of this album this group sold over10 million units.
The genius part of ZZ Top is the fact that they were serious when it came to the blues part of their singing profession, however, they always tried to remain funny and also loose about the subject matter of everyone of their songs that they performed. All of this group’s songs were filled with sexual double entendres, a determined pursuit of having a good time, and many pop-culture references. These songs, that they themselves wrote and performed, had a lot of references and singing parts about sharp clothes, fishnet stockings, fast cars, TV dinners, cheap sunglasses and “tush”. They are considered to be Texas’ cultural ambassador’s and have also been labeled as the best and number one choice as the premiere part band of the planet. ZZ Top’s band had eventually made it’s way into forming specific titles such as Gibbon’s psychedelic blues band, the Moving Sidewalk’s.

All three of these talented individuals ended up bonding together for their shared love for the same style’s of song and music such as rock, boogie, basic blues, and every and all things that were specifically Texas related, of course. Then in February of 1970, ZZ Top had finally played and performed their very first show, and that was when everything started and took off for them in a big way, the public loved them and couldn’t get enough of listening to this incredible Texas band. Their driving, yet very lean approach to their music and the public, helped to launch the age of the 70’s into it’s hard-rock course. They brought an incredibly unique and amazing sound to the scene of music and, therefore, survived over the decades and eventually had the ability to adapt and to evolve without having to add, take away, or alter any of the foundations of the sound that they had created.

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